Grant Guidelines

A patient’s eligibility to receive a grant is based upon financial need and medical and personal situation. Most of our applicants lack adequate medical insurance and have annual income at or below the poverty level. Grants are awarded on a one-time annual, twice-lifetime basis, in the amount of $500 for adult patients and $1,000 for pediatric patients. Our application requires a Medical Verification and summary from the patient’s medical provider (page 1) and requires the following information:

  • Type & stage of Cancer
  • Dates & type of treatment
  • Financial status: monthly household income & detailed expenses
  • Proof of income for all adult household members
  • Copies of the most recent statements of the two priority non-medical expenses (e.g. mortgage, rent, utilities, car payment, etc.)
  • Summary of the patient’s current household financial situation
  • Patient’s photo I.D. (or parent/guardian’s ID if patient is under 18)
  • Patient/parent/guardian signature 

Grant Eligibility

  • Grant applicants must have a cancer diagnosis and be receiving active cancer treatment 
of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery in the past month.
  • Grant applicants must be Colorado residents.
  • Grant applicants are in a dire financial circumstance, where expenses are greater than income.
  • Grant applicants may submit one request per year for a maximum of two lifetime awards.