Give and Plan

Like the act of giving, a ray has a starting point but no end point, continuing infinitely in one direction. Be that starting point for a Coloradan in need.

Your gift helps meet the urgent needs of Coloradans with cancer by helping provide financial assistance with dignity and humanity. Every gift you give to the Foundation is a ray of light for cancer patients facing their darkest days. Donations help grantees meet their most basic needs—food for their children, utility payments, even their own medical co-pays. Your donation is a source of hope for Coloradans in need.

  • A gift of $1,000 allows families to focus on healing rather than the stress of financial burdens.
  • A gift of $750 helps keep a cancer patient in their home.
  • A gift of $500 supports one grant to a Coloradan with cancer this month.
  • A gift of $200 allows patients and their families to buy groceries and toiletries.
  • A gift of $100 keeps a patient warm and safe by helping with utility bills.
Give Now

Join Shine On, our monthly giving community

Shine On is a community of monthly donors providing a sustainable source of support for Coloradans in cancer treatment. This community reflects an appreciation that giving a little can go a long way. Becoming a member of Shine On is a demonstration of compassion and commitment, allowing your gift to shine on month after month. This giving community reflects Ray Wentz’s positivity and light in the face of adversity.

Decide on a personally significant amount to give through automatic payment on a monthly basis; a gift of $41.67 per month supports one grantee a year. Once you’ve completed the initial set up of your recurring gift, you’re done! The gift will be withdrawn from your credit or debit card every month until you wish to end the transaction.

Join Shine On

Send a donation by mail

Please send your gift to:
Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation
3455 Ringsby Court, #111
Denver, CO 80216


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