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[iframe id=”” align=”right” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]On April 18th, 2015 Denver musician Patrick Wheatlake released two of his original songs, “Hope” and “Love,” as an EP album benefiting Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation. The Hope & Love Project EP album will be available for download from all major online music sites for $2.99, of which $2 will go directly to Ray of Hope.

In March 2014, Wheatlake approached Ray of Hope with his proposal to produce a song he had written in memory of his father, Doug Wheatlake, as a fundraiser and theme song. Wheatlake lost his father in 2009 to bone marrow cancer after a 7-year illness. While his family was blessed with the financial stability to pay the huge medical bills while keeping a roof over their heads and food on their plates, he understood that many families dealing with cancer are not as fortunate. In 2011, as a sophomore at Regis University, Wheatlake was inspired to begin writing “Hope” to give those facing cancer a positive theme song they can relate to, as well as assist those in need with extra financial support while they navigate the challenges of treatment.

Wheatlake has produced the album in collaboration with several accomplished local musicians and producers. Singer Christina Marie and rapper Rashawn Richards, also Regis alumnae, performed the vocals, and the musicians on the project are Conradt Fredell (piano), Ronnie Nelson (bass/electronic drums/percussion/synth/producer), Mark Kline (drums), and Kyle Jones (sound engineer/keyboard).