Personalize an “In Memory of” giving page in honor of your loved one, view our current pages, and ask your family and friends to memorialize your loved ones and benefit those on the journey today by joining you in support of Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation.

A current supporter of Ray of Hope, Vickie Wheatlake, shares how powerful creating a giving page has been for her family:

“Following my husband’s eight-year battle with Multiple Myeloma and his subsequent death on February 4, 2009, my family and I knew all too well the emotional, physical and financial strain a cancer diagnosis puts on the entire family.  Rather than starting a new foundation in memory of my husband and adding to the groundswell of existing cancer organizations, the Wheatlake family explored the possibility of collaborating with a current Colorado-based cancer foundation.   A proven track record in assisting Coloradoans living with cancer and transparency in financial records were top criteria for our family.   At the end of a three-year search, we decided the best organization to put our time, talents and energy behind was Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation, established ‘In Memory of’ Raymond Wentz, by Dr. David Schrier in 2002.”

— Vickie Wheatlake

Please join Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation and the Wheatlake family in honoring your loved one through the “In Memory of” campaign and bring the gift of hope to those living with cancer today.

Personalize an “In Memory of” giving page in honor of your loved oneCurrent “In Memory of” Pages