“In Memory of” Ensuring Your Loved One’s Memory Lives On

The passing of a loved one to cancer impacts the entire family and community and often leaves them wondering how they can offer their love and support. Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation offers an opportunity for grieving families to turn a difficult time into something positive. Our Memory Pages offer Colorado communities a personalized space for relatives and friends to share memories and celebrate the life of their loved ones. Our friend Vickie Wheatlake shares how powerful creating a giving page has been for her family:

Following my husband’s eight-year battle with Multiple Myeloma and his subsequent death on February 4, 2009, my family and I knew all too well the emotional, physical and financial strain a cancer diagnosis puts on the entire family. What better use of the pain our family was feeling than to get involved with a local cancer organization and help others dealing with a cancer diagnosis. At the end of a three-year search, we decided the best organization to put our time, talents and energy behind was Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation.”

— Vickie Wheatlake


What and Why?

Feelings of helplessness and grief often accompany the loss of a loved

one to cancer, and it can be a comfort to have an opportunity to immediately help someone else going through the challenges of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. In lieu of flowers or gifts, many families ask their communities to donate to Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation via a Memory Page. Others use their Memory Pages to remember their loved one on birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions throughout the year.

Like the act of giving, a ray of light has a starting point but no end point. Let your loved one be that starting point for a Colorado cancer patient in need. Donations made through your Memory Page honor your loved one and deliver the gift of hope to fellow Coloradans who are going through some of their toughest times, in dire financial circumstances.

How? It is easy to set up an “In Memory of” page in honor of your loved one, and even easier to share with family and friends through email and Facebook. To create a page or call 720.238.5401.